pSoychedelic Candles Snickerdoodle Candle Review

So I’ve never actually had a snickerdoodle before but I’ve seen snickerdoodle scented candles and wax goodies and have always been intrigued by them. So when Erica from pSoychedelic Candles asked me what candles I’d like to review I knew for sure that I needed to try out a snickerdoodle one and see what all the fuss was about.

pSoychedelic Candles describe this fragrance as “a blend of cinnamon, vanilla, dough, cherry, and sugar. It will remind you of fresh snickerdoodle cookies hot out of the oven.” It sounds like such a Sam type scent and it really was. It reminded me of  sweet, buttery freshly baked cookies with subtle notes of cinnamon and I found that the cherry gave it a kind of amaretto type element. Mmmmm amaretto.

pSoychedelic Candles Snickerdoodle Candle Review

All pSOYchedelic products are made using natural soy wax, which means a longer and cleaner burn and you can see how clean my candle burned in the above picture. I also kept my wick trimmed so I could get the most out of my candle.

I loved the wax melts that I tried from pSoychedelic Candles, you can read the review HERE, and I was equally impressed with my first candle. The scent throw was great although the aroma did make me want to scoff lots and lots of cookies.

I have another candle to review from pSoychedelic Candles and it’s a lovely fragrance for this time of year so stay tuned for that. But until then be sure to check out pSoychedelic Candles on Facebook, HERE and on Instagram, HERE.

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