Wax and Wicks

We love finding new candle companies and today I’m here to tell you all about Wax and Wicks. This Yorkshire based candle company actually started out as a hobby but became a business in 2014. Their aim is simple, to make high quality affordable products that smell beautiful.

Wax and Whicks Candles

They use soy wax in their products which of course provides that long, clean burn that we all love. They have a range of candle tins, glass candles, wood wick candles, wax melts and wax burners too.

We are big fans of wood wick candles so that was a good surprise to see they sold them. They also have a great range of scents available and they are always looking to add more too.

Wax and Whicks Wood Wick Candles

They have a Christmas range too, we’re really loving everything festive at the moment.

Wax and Whicks Wax Melts

And just look at all the fabulous melts.

You’ll be hearing more about Wax and Wicks very soon with some reviews, but for now check out their website HERE  and they are also on Twitter, Facebook and on Instagram.

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