Wax and Wicks Blackcurrant & Nectarine Candle Review

We’re both a lover of fruit based scents and when we were asked to review for Wax and Wicks, this Blackcurrant and Nectarine candle was the one we both were intrigued about.

All of their products are made using natural soy wax and it really does give a clean burn. Their prices are very affordable with a large tin being only £6.50!

I didn’t read the description of the scent so I missed that this would be a spicy scent and maybe not so fruit based. The scent is more like a dark fruit base for a crumble, it’s quite rich in spices and that makes it quite decadent. It does smell good enough to eat! I just need the crumble now. 😉
This scent totally works as a Christmas scent as the richness reminded me of all the baking goodies that happen this time of year.

The throw was delicate at first but after the first long burn it was stronger on the second go. The candle gave a good even burn and  wax-pooled beautifully too.

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I’ll have another Wax and Wicks review to come soon, the Grapefruit and Mangosteen candle that you can see in the photo above, so stay tuned for that.

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