Serenity Glow Oh Baby Candle Review

Serenity Glow Oh Baby Candle Review

Lately I’ve been wanting lots of calming aromas around me, especially if I have mountains of work to do. I want scents that keep me zen and stress free.

I’m generally not a fan of baby powder scents, I don’t hate them I would just prefer other scents, but when I first smelled Oh Baby by Serenity Glow, I just knew it would be the perfect aroma for some much needed tranquility.

The scent is identical to Johnson’s Baby Powder, it’s that lovely mildly floral, sweet and comforting aroma that is ever so soothing.

All Serenity Glow products are made using natural soy wax and the finest fragrances. The quality and craftsmanship really shows in the products. The candles burn so clean and evenly and have a great scent throw.

Serenity Glow products have that luxurious look and quality that we all desire, but at such affordable prices.

Stay tuned for more reviews from this great brand but until then check out Serenity Glow on Facebook and Instagram.

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