Filthy Velvet Mini Haul

A while back I was sent a Busty Blonde scented candle from Filthy Velvet to review (you can read the review HERE) and I just adored it and generally when we love products we usually always go on to buy from the brand, cause we can never have too many wax goodies!
We do try to warn people…“Hey if your products are good you may never get rid of us!” But we still get sent fabulous products to review and so the addiction gets worse. 😉

So I had been thinking about getting some more Filthy Velvet for a while so I decided to treat myself to a few wax goodies.

So what did I buy?

Filthy Velvet Mini Haul

Muffin Top / Freshly Baked Candle “Indulge…Life is sweet”
This delicious scandle is a luscious medley of brown sugar, cinnamon, cocoa and caramel, accompanied with pure natural spice extracts.

This smells insanely delicious. I haven’t burned it yet but I reckon that when it is burning I’m going to want heaps of cake! It smells like caramel, chocolate and vanilla with subtle hints of spice…basically all things yummy.

Lime, Basil & Mandarin Filthy BitsA combination of green citrus fresh limes and zesty mandarins leading to herbal notes of basil with warm accord of precious woods and amber.

Fresh basil is one of my all time favourite scents, it’s so aromatic. When it’s mixed with citrus scents it brings the fragrance to a whole other level.
The fresh limes and zesty mandarins undercut by peppery basil makes a very clean, cool and fresh scent.

Vanilla, Peach & Lavender Filthy Bits A fresh vanilla and sweet amber accord, enhanced by hints of peach, smoothed by tobacco and notes of lavender. Dance in the meadow.

WHAT?! Sam bought something with lavender in it?!
I like vanilla and I LOVE peach scents and those combined with the amber and tobacco really sold this scent for me. I was nervous about the lavender in it but it really is only a small note in the over all scent and  it just adds a subtle floral element to it.

I’m quite happy with my purchases and they’ve only made me want more fabulous scents from Filthy Velvet; like Apple Currant Crumble, Blackberry & Bay Leaf and Sparkling Wine & Caviar.

Be sure to check out Filthy Velvet for lots of sexy scents and you can find them on Facebook HERE, on Instagram HERE and on Twitter @Filthy_Velvet

Stay tuned for more hauls and reviews from us.

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