DW Home Fresh Pineapple Candle Review

You’ll have noticed that we both have a slight candle problem by now… one of the places I love to look for new candles is in my local TK Maxx store. I spotted this Fresh Pineapple candle from DW Home Candles. The bright pineapple packaging caught my eye.

DW Home Fresh Pineapple Candle Review

I’ll admit I haven’t used all of this candle yet, for two reasons. Firstly, it’s so amazing when not lit that it’s in my bathroom making the room smell SO good when you walk in. Secondly, I really love it and I don’t want to use it all. Yes, really!

DW Home Fresh Pineapple Candle Review

But because I’m sort of hanging onto this one I thought I’d better share it so you can get your own. It’s such a beautiful scent, you can smell grapefruit and nectarine around the pineapple. This is a great uplifting scent, suitable for any room.

The jar has a sort of yellowy orange tinge to it and when I do eventually use it all, I’ll definitely be reusing the jar.

Have you bought any candles or home fragrance products in TK Maxx recently? Is there any brands we should keep an eye out for? Let us know in a comment below.

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