Smoulder Wolf – Fancy Smelling Fire Hazards

The scented candle market is flooded with scents aimed at women. Us females are regularly setting fire to our flowery smelling wax all across the globe. But what about the men? They like to enjoy the finer things in life too.

Smoulder Wolf wanted to create the ultimate manly scents. Scents that are based on the finer things in life such as alcohol, luxury leather, coffee, etc.

Whilst browsing the net, Smoulder Wolf discovered that there seemed to be two types of candles for men. Novelty scents and high end, expensive brands. But they wanted something that smelled great, looked masculine and didn’t cost the earth – affordable luxury. So they took matters into their own hands.

Smoulder Wolf - Fancy Smelling Fire Hazards

Smoulder Wolf now create great looking, high quality scented soy candles that will appeal to a broad market of men (and of course, women..!) – perhaps those that have never even considered buying a scented candle before. There aren’t many on the market, that Smoulder Wolf have seen, that achieve this so they had to create it.

Men are increasingly becoming more accepting and open about grooming, fashion, hair products etc. with more and more brands popping up and information being shared, its great to see! But scented candles still seem to be stuck in a niche with not a huge amount of options or info for men, hence Smoulder Wolf was created.

Smoulder Wolf has great scents like…

Bourbon Inspired by the spent oak casks used for making bourbon. Spicy, woody scent with a light fruity touch.


LeatherAs genuine leather has become increasingly replaced by faux leather and other materials, we have lost that age old smell that genuine leather brings. This candle will rejuvenate those memories. Rich, woody, warm, smooth.


Smoulder Wolf hope to be the go-to place for men seeking information on scented candles with plenty of buying options too. We know that they will be, we’re already huge “mandle” fans so when we were introduced to Smoulder Wolf we were instantly smitten, I mean come on, how seriously sexy are these candles?!

Smoulder Wolf

So stay tuned for a review of these fabulous candles, but until then you can find Smoulder Wolf on Facebook and on Instagram.

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