Serenity Glow Laundry Room Candle Review

I think one of the simplest yet greatest things in life is clean sheet day, it makes me so happy and I always have the best night’s sleep. I love the feel of the cool, clean cotton against my skin and the comforting aroma of detergent and fabric softener, it’s just heavenly. But some candle fragrances that I tend to steer clear of is “clean cotton” or “fresh linen” type scents. I often find them too artificial and too overpowering.

I was very nervous when I saw that Christine from Serenity Glow had sent me a Laundry Room candle, but actually when I opened it I was pleasantly surprised, it didn’t smell over powering and I could detect some citrus elements in it which I liked.

I had the candle burning in our main bathroom for days and days and it gave it that just cleaned aroma and I got so many compliments about the scent from friends and family members.
Although it did have floral elements to it, you could definitely smell the citrus notes, which I often find are non-existent in other scents like this and I think the citrus in this candle is why I liked it so much. Just imagine the scent of clean linen fresh off the clothes line on breezy Summer day.

Serenity Glow Laundry Room Candle Review

The candle burned ever so cleanly and evenly and even though the fragrance wasn’t overpowering, which I think would have ruined it, it did have a great scent throw which wafted through to our hall quite nicely.

I told Christine that I think she may have converted me on this type of scent, but I’ll be wanting candles and melts that really have that citrus pop just like Laundry Room.

Stay tuned for more reviews from this great brand but until then check out Serenity Glow on Facebook and Instagram.

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