Rosie Mai’s Wax Melts Review – Part 3

Rosie Mai’s Wax Melts is a deliciously scented wax melts company in Durham ran by fabulous Elaine and Katie. They use the finest soy wax, blended with fabulous fragrances! They also stock a range of gifts and accessories too.

I was sent a huge bag of wax melts to try out a while back and I’ve finally gotten around to testing out the final few scents, but like honestly, you can’t blame me, these wax melts last so long!

Clean Cotton – I’ve mentioned before that I’m not really a fan of Clean Cotton type scents, but this one was actually ok. I found it’s top notes to be very citrussy and it wasn’t too floral, which is always a good thing with me.

Baby Powder – This smells exactly like Johnson’s Baby Powder and generally I’m not a fan of baby powder scents, but I’ve been crazy busy and a little stressed out recently and this scent was very soothing and comforting, it was definitely needed.

English Rain – I’m too sure just exactly what the rain in England would smell like, but the scent of English Rain to me is quite a masculine and invigorating scent.

I don’t know what the official scent description of this fragrances is but I would say it’s earthy and musky with citrus and very light floral elements.

Merlot Wine –  I don’t drink wine, like ever, any kind of it, so I couldn’t tell you what Merlot wine is exactly or what it smells like, but if smells anything like these Rosie Mai’s melts then it smells pretty good.

The best way I can think to describe this sent is like a winter fruit boozy punch. It smelled like mixed berries, apple and plums with hints of spices and some musk elements.

Out the four scents I’d say this was my favourite.

Rosie Mai’s Wax Melts Review

I was quite impressed with Rosie Mai’s Wax Melts, I’d say on average I got about three days out of each melt, although some were stronger than others. I loved the foodie scents the best, y’all gotta try Black Cherry Explosion, Mango Papaya and Apple Jack Peel. YUM!

Be sure to check out Rosie-Mai’s Wax Melts on Facebook, HERE and on Twitter @RosieMaisMelts and stay tuned for more product features and reviews from us.

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