Pink Zebra Haul

It’s been a while since I bought some Pink Zebra but actually I still have so much left from the last haul, seriously y’all the sprinkles last so freakin long! You only need one little scoop and the scent will last for days. Plus they are just jam packed with fragrance!

I mentioned before that Pink Zebra isn’t available in Europe but I have the super nice Pink Zebra Independent Consultant, Irene, who goes out of her way to package up my purchases and post them all the way across the ocean to me. She’s just the best! 😀

I’ve been wanting to buy more Pink Zebra (surprise, surprise) basically since my last haul so I could try more scents and also because I needed more Grape Popsicle, seriously I cannot imagine life without this scent!  It also works out better shipping cost wise, if I buy more…Well ya don’t have to ask me twice! 😛

So what did I buy this time?

Pink Zebra Haul

Grape Popsicle 16 oz. Carton of Sprinkles – A frosty, frozen, juicy grape popsicle mess!

Cake Batter 16oz. Carton Sprinkles – Beater licking good.

Just Peachy 3.75 oz. Jar of Sprinkles – Everything’s just fine with this tender, sweet, juicy fruit.

Ice Cream Sandwich 3.75 oz. Jar of Sprinkles – There’s nothing quite like the decadent treat of a cold ice cream sandwich on a hot summer day!

Fresh Raspberry 3.75 oz. Jar of Sprinkles – Sun ripened raspberries hanging on the vine.

Fresh Juicy Pineapple 3.75 oz. Jar of Sprinkles – A freshly cut slice of perfect tropical succulence.

Crisp Apple 3.75 oz. Jar of Sprinkles – Take a bite of that crunchy bright red apple!

I’ve only tried Cake Batter and Fresh Raspberry so far but oh I love them! Cake Batter is a great scent for mixology, basically if you mixed it with any scent it just makes it smell like yummy cake! Fresh Raspberry is amazing, I love raspberry scents and this one is so true to life. It’s tart and you can almost smell the greenery in it.

Have you tried Pink Zebra before? Any thoughts of scent recommendations? Let us know in a comment below.

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