Soy Vella Candles

We’re very excited to announce that we’re going to be working with the lovely ladies at Soy Vella to bring you some fabulous product features and reviews.

Soy Vella Candles

Soy Vella was founded by a mother and daughter team with a candle making dream.

All Soy Vella products are Australian made and best of all handmade. They use 100% natural soy wax, the purest and finest fragrance on the market. All products are also tested on a daily basis to make sure each and every candle and melt is ready for their new home.

Soy Vella candles deliver what candle lovers hope to burn in a candle and melt, but rarely find. Their candles and melts are scented strong from the top to the bottom; burn clean, last long and burn evenly.

The Soy Vella mission is to provide the healthiest, best scented, best performing candle available. The ladies also believe a company’s complete mission is much more than selling a product and they hope that through corresponding with their company that they have in some way touched lives in a positive way and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

What I love most about Soy Vella is their company motto… “If we wouldn’t buy our product then we wouldn’t sell it!”

It’s always the handmade products that are the best, especially the ones where so much time, thought, effort and love is put into them.

I look forward to trying and reviewing for you some Soy Vella products, stay tuned for them, I have such a great feeling about this wonderful brand.

Be sure to check out Soy Vella on Facebook and on Instagram too. 😀

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