Lemongrass & Coconut Can To Candle Review

I was recently sent a lovely introduction to the Can To Candle range. First up is my review of their Lemongrass & Coconut Candle. I love the way that they package their ‘cans’, they have a personal feel to them and I love that extra touch that some bigger brands now don’t/won’t offer.

I’ve been on a bit of a fruity spell recently, more of the darker fruits so this was a nice change to a more fresher side of the fruit family.

I’m a lover of coconut too but in this one it takes more of a backseat to the Lemongrass but I loved that. This was a lovely candle to have burning whilst I did some accounting (stupid maths!) to keep me calm and focused. The scent isn’t intoxicating, I find some lemon type scents can be a little too much. This is gentle but the coconut comes along to give it a kick! 

The can is really sturdy, I found it weird at first that they had no lids. Not a problem though of course. The candle itself burned down so well, so evenly and the wick did need to be trimmed regularly but I wasn’t too bothered by that.

Absolutely loved this candle, was sad to see it end. I’ve got two more scent reviews for you from Can To Candle. Plus a lovely gadget thing, that’s the BEST THING EVER! You can learn more about Can to Handle HERE.

You can find Can To Candle on Facebook HERE and on Twitter @CanToCandle. They are also on Instagram too @can_to_candle.

Stay tuned for more products features and reviews from us.

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