Waxbox – August

You all know how obsessed I am with Waxbox now. I have also been on a real fruit scent kick recently, so this box made me very happy.

I’ll start off mentioning the silver tealight holder. I’ll admit when I was putting it together I was a little confused but it spins around! Oh it’s so pretty, I love it.

Love Bite from Candywick – Isn’t the pink stripe packaging so lovely?! I’ve already been sent some goodies from Candywick and I’ve been so impressed. This one’s fragrance is cherries, berries and lime. Yum! They are also mini hearts so they look so cute, a bit like sweets. Don’t eat them of course. 😛

Jamaica Me Crazy from Whicks n Whacks – Apple, peach, raspberry and coconut… Heaven! Can’t wait to try these.

Berrylicious from JJ’s Aromascents – The picture has a fruit berry cocktail drink but it smells more raspberry to me so far. Intrigued to see how this burns.

Joop from Mystic Melts – The fragrance is cinnamon, orange blossom and vetiver. I’ve not smelt Joop! for ages and ages so I couldn’t remember it. This smells so good, very fresh and uplifting.

Chantelle Chance from The Owl and The Moggie Cat Candles – I’ll admit I am not a great Chanel fragrance lover. These smelt quite like Chanel Chance but not too overpowering. I think I’ll like these a lot.

Quite impressed with the August  Waxbox, it’s a good mix of brands I was aware of and again some that I’m not. Get subscribed to Waxbox and you can order one box and then cancel if you like, but why would you cancel?! That’s just crazy!

More reviews to come. Stay tuned on our Instagram for any sneak peeks.

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