Wax Crumbles Haul – UPDATED

So I had my eye on Wax Crumbles for a while now on Instagram then one night at like 3 in the morning, I couldn’t sleep so I started messing around on my phone and was browsing through Instagram and saw that they had released a new limited edition scent called “Bite Me” that sounded like a perfect Sam scent, not only that but they had a 20% off discount code as well and offered international shipping…SOLD!

I tiptoed out of our bedroom to get my credit card and was all like “oh, I’ll just buy a couple products…”

Yeah right Samantha, pull the other one!

I bought TWENTY bags of Wax Crumbles! We’ll just pretend I was sleep shopping and that’s like a proper medical condition. 😛

Wax Crumbles

So what scents did I choose?

Chocolate Fudge CookiesFreshly baked cookies, oozing with dark and decadent chocolate fudge. Base notes of semi-sweet chocolate and vanilla.

Update 08/11/2015 – Sam sent me a couple of bags of Wax Crumbles to try and get a second opinion after having bad experiences.
Chocolate Fudge Cookies was a scent I was looking forward to. But this wasn’t chocolate fudge, it didn’t make me want to eat chocolate fudge… in fact it didn’t make me hungry at all because there was nothing to it. This actually worked better in the bag than in my burner but not sure how I feel about having a bowl of wax crumbles just sat in the room. Yeah, too weird? Yup!
– Sarah

Zucchini BreadSweet bread and spices of cinnamon, sugar and nutmeg. Blended with garden fresh zucchini. This aroma is superbly strong and long lasting.

Sticky Cinnamon Buns Inspired by the sweetest, creamiest, warm cinnamon buns only a Mother could craft. Fill a room with the full and true aroma of your favourite bakery.

Amish Friendship BreadAmish Friendship Bread is crisp and sweet with touch of spice. Sugary undertones of dark raisin, roasted nuts and fresh cut strawberries. Easy on the nose, yet quick to fill a room with a full smelling aroma of tried and true Amish Friendship Bread.

Update 07/09/2015 – I was really looking forward to this scent but was really let down, it has zero scent throw. Wax Crumbles have told me that they have reformulated the scent and it’s possible that I got an old batch.

7-Up Pound Cake Fizzy. Sweet. Citrusy. Quick to fill the room with a full and true aroma of freshly baked and glazed 7 Up Pound Cake. Yum. What’s better than a carbonated cake?

Update 07/09/2015 – I tried this scent in a candle burner in our en-suite (the smallest room in our home) and there was barely any scent throw off of it, unless you had your nose right above it. Very disappointed.

I’m going to send Sarah some of my Wax Crumbles to see how she gets on with them, cause I’d love another professional opinion.

Pumpkin Crunch CakeCreamy pumpkin pie filling, rich milk, soft yellow cake, buttery pecans and a plethora of spices make for a sweet Fall treat. Of course, we’ve created this aroma to keep your pumpkin fix on ease until Fall.

Update 08/11/2015 – Sam sent me this scent to try out and I love the smell of pumpkin it’s such a great Autumn scent but this was just not great. I used half a bag in the end and got a whimper of a scent. Really disappointed as it’s a scent I love. 🙁
– Sarah

Pink SugarA fruity blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam on a dry down of musks. Strong, long lasting, and upbeat!

Grape SodaKyoho grapes intermingled with fresh peaches, pineapple, raspberries, and strawberries on a dry down of vanilla. Stunningly realistic.

Grape BubblegumGo gaga for the scent of ripe, juicy grape candy that will remind you of the sweet grape candy enjoyed during childhood.

Fruity LoopersThe juicy, sweet and frootie cereal, everyone loves.

Cotton CandyTake a flashback to the carnival, with a giant cotton candy in hand! Our fluffy pink cotton candy fragrance is created using a blend of juicy bubblegum, cotton candy, juicy apples and pears blended together with sugared candy lemon drops meshed with crushed Madagascar vanilla.

Carrot Cupcake – Thick and spiced carrot cupcakes, topped with decadently rich and creamy vanilla frosting! Juicy bursts of citrus spiced with clove, carrot, nutmeg, cinnamon and bay leaf and comforting vanilla extract.

Blue Raspberry SlusheeRipened raspberries, sugary cotton candy, and the effervescence of crushed ice. This trip back to childhood truly smells good enough to eat… but we recommend you melt it, instead.

Black Raspberry Ice CreamMusky, bold and berry sweet, with decadent thick trails of fruit and thick vanilla ice cream.

Bite MeFresh citrus notes of lime and orange sparkle with effervescent highlights as they lead to a luscious blend of berry and cherry in this playful scent. Leafy green accents add intensity as a base of vanilla creates sweet tones for the fragrance.

Apple CinnamonA wonderful blend of apples and cinnamon without an overkill of bakery base notes. The aroma of a red juicy McIntosh apple, sprinkled with fresh ground cinnamon sticks.

Apple Caramel LollipopAn irresistible blend of juicy apples, sweet plum and ripened strawberries; enhanced with a splash of lime, orange zests, and sweet creamy caramel!

Rainbow LollipopA sugar high at its sweetest, the sticky sweet goodness of tart citrus and juicy fruits captured in this hard candy lollipop scent.

I also got World’s Best Coffee and Lemon Pound Cake, currently there’s no scent descriptions for them on the site, but clearly the names speak for themselves.

I tried Rainbow Lollipop first and it was a bit of a weird experience. I first put about a quarter of one bag in my candle burner, it melted, kept on melting, melted some more and I couldn’t smell anything. So I added some more crumbles and gave it about an hour. Still couldn’t smell anything. I was a bit disappointed.
Then I tried the crumbles in my electric warmer, about a third of a bag and finally after about half an hour I could smell something, although not much. I did like the tartness of Rainbow Lollipop, but was expecting a stronger scent.

Wax Crumbles have told me that they are currently reformulating Rainbow Lollipop for a stronger scent throw, so I do hope that future buyers have a better experience than me.

Even though my crumbles didn’t have curing time stickers on them I’m going to give them a week or two just in case that was the issue and then I will give review updates once I’ve tried them again and more scents.

Have you tried Wax Crumbles yet? Any thoughts or scent recommendations?


Update 02/11/2015 – In August when I first contacted Brandon from Wax Crumbles about my issues to see if it was something I was doing or if perhaps my crumbles needed curing time he offered to send me a couple of replacement in the scents I had tried at the time which were Rainbow Lollipop and Amish Friendship bread.  I think these may have been discontinued but Brandon did just sent me a couple of new products to try out, a jar of Blue Raspberry Slushee Wax Crumbles and a bag of Stressless Wax Crumbles.

I have yet to melt the scents but on a cold smell I can compare the new Blue Raspberry Slushee to the one I bought but haven’t tried. The new one is a bit darker in colour, they do smell the same although I’m not getting much of a raspberry fragrance off them and the new one only smells a little bit stronger.

Stressless is quite a unique scent, it’s described on the site as “an invigorating herbal blend of eucalyptus and spearmint with fresh citrus lemon, lavender flowers, and a hint of sage” this wouldn’t be a scent I would generally go for but it does smell strong in the bag. You can definitely smell the spearmint. I also like that it has sparkles in it.

I’ll let you know how I get on with these two new scents and Brandon told me that they don’t need to be cured which is great.

2 thoughts on “Wax Crumbles Haul – UPDATED

  1. I have only just received my first waxcrumbles order (I have been overseas for a month and they arrived shortly after I left so they had some curing time) so tonight I unpacked them.

    I am currently melting Campfire in the bedroom and Warm Suga in the bathroom/laundry area and both have a good strong throw. Warm Suga is lovely and Campfire is nice though I don’t smell a campfire, though it does seem to match the earthy/woody description 🙂

    I got about 20 bags too so I will continue to try them all 🙂

    1. Hi Riss! How are you? Thank you for the comment.

      I’m so glad you’re having a good experience with Wax Crumbles. I only wish mine was as good. I sent Sarah some to try out for a second opinion and she didn’t have a good experience with them either and we had some of the same feedback on our Instagram account. I may try some more of my haul soon, as they will have had plenty of time to cure.

      Brandon kindly offered to send me a couple of replacements (made using the new formula) in August but I haven’t received them yet. I do hope they are better and have at least some scent throw for me, as Wax Crumbles have some great scents to choose from.

      Let us know how you get on with all your other scents. XXXX Sam

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