Royal Cherries Kringle Candle Review

We were both sent Kringle Candles from Love Aroma, I was sent Royal Cherries and as soon as I saw the word cherries I shrieked. I absolutely adore the smell of cherries, something that I believe explains my obsession with Black Forest Gateau, well that and chocolate. Oh, and cake!

Royal Cherries by Kringle Candle

We had both tried their wax melts before but not their candles. The white wax is so beautiful and easy to blend into any room in your home. These would also be great for weddings or as wedding gifts too.

This candle burned down so well, so clean and I didn’t have to trim down the wick too much. The scent is just amazing, the cherry scent is so strong and ripe,  you can almost smell how juicy it is. There’s also quite a dark side to this scent too, it’s very rich and almost decadent. The scent fills a room quite quickly and it was quick to fill my open plan living space.

Royal Cherries by Kringle Candle Review

The next Kringle Candle I really want to try is the Water Colours one as I have seen so many raving reviews about it online that I must have it!

Thanks again to Love Aroma for sending us more beautiful candles. Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and on Twitter @LoveAromaStore

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