Rosie Mai’s Wax Melts Review – Part 1

I was recently sent a heap of soy wax melts from Rosie Mai’s Wax Melts and I’ve only gotten to try out three of the scents because man oh man do they last so long!

Rosie Mai's Wax Melts

Mango Papaya – This was the first scent I tried, as I was in the mood for something fruity. This is a perfect Summer scent, juicy ripe mango and sun-kissed papaya; it’s quite tropical and just delicious.

Apple Jack Peel – One of my all time favourite scents is apple, but I’m quite particular about apple scents, I don’t think they should be messed with too much; I’m always both eager and nervous to try out new apple scented products because of this.
I was so surprised with this scent, it was so lovely and tart like a fresh Granny Smith apple, skin, juice, seeds and all, but it had just a little hint of spice to it.
Definitely my favourite out of the three wax melts I’ve tried so far.

Champagne Pomegranate – I’ve never seen what the big deal is with champagne, it tastes gross and it all smells the same to me (the same goes for wine!) so I was really intrigued about this particular scent, I didn’t know what to expect. I found it quite fruity, I could smell hints of citrus, mostly  orange,  and the sweet juicy  pomegranate but I could also get some greenery notes too. The best way I can think to describe it is, a very posh fruity scent, lovely and sophisticated.

Rosie Mai's Wax Melts Review

I’d say on average I got about three days out of each melt, which is quite impressive, I always find that handmade wax products just last so much longer than the mass produced ones. You can always tell how much thought, time and effort goes into them.

Check out Rosie-Mai’s Wax Melts for lots of wax goodies and accessories, if you can’t decide what to get, I’d highly recommend the Mixed Bag of 10 Melts, I swear it’s like a candy pick and mix bag full of treats and lots of surprises!

Be sure to check out Rosie-Mai’s Wax Melts on Facebook, HERE and on Twitter @RosieMaisMelts and stay tuned for more product features and reviews from us. 🙂

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