Pretty Little Wax Banana Bubbles Wax Melt Review

This was another great introduction to a new brand from my June Waxbox. I’ll admit that I don’t buy a lot of banana scents but this one could make me change that mindset.

Pretty Little Wax Banana Bubbles Wax Melt

There is a slight synthetic smell, think about those banana sweets that you get in your pic n mix, this wax melt is similar to that banana smell but it’s a lot more powerful and almost fizzy.

Pretty Little Wax Banana Bubbles Wax Melt Review

I also loved that there was added detail on the wax, I love seeing all the different ways that brands make their products individual.

Because of the pink this could fool people because it’s not totally yellow, as most banana things are, when it has melted. Why is it a bit pink? Aha! It’s like a wax game!

I loved this scent, it’s fun and definitely one that will make you feel hungry. I’d recommend a banana milkshake. 😛

Pretty Little Wax are available on Facebook if you want to check them out and if you signed up to Waxbox yet then you’re so missing out!

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