Peachy Perfection!

One of my latest scent obsessions is peach, ever since I picked up a lovely peach scented candle from TK MAXX.  I love the sweet, juicy and fruity aroma of peaches and find that it’s a great scent for some mixology; try it with vanilla, cinnamon or other fruit scents, they’re all delicious combinations.

Here are some yummy peach candles and wax goodies that we personally recommend or would LOVE to try…

Georgia Peach 16oz Mason Jar Soy Candle
Georgia Peach Candle from Petunia’s Corner
A slice of fresh cut peach right off the tree.

Peach & Pumpkin Pie Scented Wax Melts Set of 5 Candle Tarts
Peach & Pumpkin Pie Scented Wax Melts from Friendly Fire Candles
Peach Pie Gourmet Jar Candle - Scented Candle, Jar Candle In Peach Pie Scent
Peach Pie Gourmet Jar Candle from Everything Dawn
Feel Like A Georgia Peach? Try this deliciously scented sweet peach pie. It’s the juicy peach, vanilla and a touch of spice to make this peach pie oh so nice!
Georgia Peach Wax Melts
Georgia Peach Wax Melts from Crafty Creations of GA.
Fresh orange sweetens this recreation of juicy, ripe peach. Green accents elevate the natural fruit sensation while lingering undertones of vanilla and musk add a velvety background for the fruit accord.
Peach Bellini Wax Melt - Soy Tart - Soy Melt - Peach Candle - Wax Warmer Tart
Peach Bellini Wax Melts from Suny Island Blu
Peach Bellini mingles Orange slices with sparkling white peach and bubbly champagne.
Peach Pie Candle
Peach Pie Candle from Homely Aromas
Peach Smoothie - Scented Soy Wax Melt - 2 Pack - Home Fragrance - Scent Shot - Fruit Scent
Peach Smoothie Wax Melts from Suzy’s Scent Shop
Smells like fresh peaches with a little kick.
CANDLES WITH CHARACTER – Princess Tiana Candle from My Dearly Loved
A delicious blend of sweet peaches.
No. 292 PEACH COBBLER  Soy Wax Melt Soy Wax Tarts Highly Scented Wax Melts
Peach Cobbler Wax Melts from Copper & Kraft Candles
Perfectly ripe Georgia peaches simmering in brown sugar beneath golden-brown biscuits.
Sweet Peach Soy Candle in a Mason Jar
Sweet Peach Candle from Soyvant Scents
This candle has a hint of extra sweetness that is similar to peach candies.
Jumbo Peaches and Cream Cupcake Candle
Jumbo Peaches and Cream Cupcake Candle from Candlelit Desserts

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