CANDLES WITH CHARACTER “Mrs. Potts” Candle Review

If you know me you’ll know that my all time favourite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast, I just love everything about it. I told Lyn from My Dearly Loved about this numerous times when discussing her Candles With Character line, so I was very happy when she sent me a Mrs. Potts inspired candle.

CANDLES WITH CHARACTER Mrs. Potts Candle ReviewBrimming with goodness in the Beast’s castle, Mrs. Potts is sure to impress!

The scent of this candle is freshly brewed blackberry tea. It has a wonderfully soothing aroma with its combination of sweet blackberries,  earthy tea leaves and I can smell a touch of citrus zest as well.

I really enjoy herbal and fruit teas and would drink some everyday; I remember when Yankee Candle released Camomile Tea way back when, I was super excited to try it out because of my love of teas, but it was such a letdown, not at all like it’s scent description and had zero scent throw. But this candle has more than made up for my disappointing experience, it’s everything one could want in a tea scented candle and has a serious scent throw.

At this stage, I’d would find it so hard to choose my favourite scent from My Dearly Loved’s Candles With Character range, I’ve been so impressed with each and every scent I’ve tried and reviewed and I seem to love each new candle more than the last, but put them all together and it would be impossible for me to choose. Having said that I think this may be my  new favourite calming and de-stressing scent, it’s so comforting just like Mrs. Potts is. 😉

I cannot stress this enough, if you haven’t tried anything from My Dearly Loved you are really missing out. All the candles are completely handmade. From the design of each label, to the setting of each wick, to the pouring of each candle.
Lyn uses 100% soy wax for all of the candles. The wicks used are cotton braided with paper threads for stability in burning and they are poured into footed tins, so that burning surfaces remain cooler. AMAZING RIGHT?! Go on, go treat yourself.

Stay tuned for more reviews and product features from us, until then be sure to head on over to My Dearly Loved on Etsy for not only candles but lots of  other Disney inspired goodies. You can also find Lyn on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter @MyDearlyLoved

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  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed Mrs.Potts! Looking forward to what you think of the Beast tarts :). As always, I’m humbled by your lovely reviews…thank you!

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