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I know I am super late in telling you all about June’s Waxbox, the July one will be here soon. But I have been super busy… burning lots of candles, getting outside in the sunshine, eating lots of ice cream and not writing. But here I am to tell you all about June’s Waxbox.


The very first two things I noticed were the catalogue enclosed for Kiss Air Candles, literally Sam and I were talking about them an hour before the parcel arrived. Spooky! The second thing I noticed was a Rhubarb and Custard wax melt from Knick Knacks Attic because I know them through Instagram and because it smelt soooooo good! 

So anyway the box…

Rhubarb & Custard from Knick Knacks Attic – Definitely this is going to be the first thing I burn… it smells so good! Also from ‘knowing’ her through Instagram I’m sure I’m going to be buying loads.

Apple Blossom from Regent House – These are different to what you’d probably normally put into a burner and they really intrigued me. Can’t wait to see if they smell as good in my burner.

Butterscotch and Tropical Twist from Luxurious Melts – Two little bags of goodies from this company. I love the different detailing on the melts. These pack a punch already so intrigued to see what these are like. Packaged up like this it is easy to see these could be used as wedding favors.

Banana Bubbles from Pretty Little Wax – They included a cute little business card with the box too. I love all these little bits of stationery. This melt is super cute and I love the glitter on top.  It doesn’t smell as strong as everything else in the box but I’m thinking that won’t be such a bad thing with banana!

Parma Violet from Delectable – Everyone seems to have gone crazy for Parma Violets again recently and I’m fully on board. So this was a pleasant surprise too. I also adore that purple colour!

Mountain Larkspur from Root Legacy – Always wanted to try a Root candle… and now I can! This is a clean scent, possibly a mandle type. I’m intrigued…

Vanilla and Cinnamon from Carolina  – Everyone in the world now must know that I love vanilla. This does seem to be one that I will love which is always good.  These are available to buy from Amazon.

Frozen Margarita from Kiss Air Candles – This smells sooo good and I’m waiting for the English weather to co-operate so I can burn this in the warm evenings whilst drinking a margarita. I might have to make do with putting the fire on and snuggling up.

Full reviews on all of these to follow.

Have you subscribed to Waxbox yet?

They are also selling one-off boxes now too. There’s the UK one and the International one.

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