Scentchips Review

Scentchips are colourful wax chips that release a wonderful and intense fragrance when melted in a ScentBurner.

Scentchips are the original wax melts. Started in 1979 in America and the same quality of fragrance is still used. There are now over 90 fragrant chips and customers can create their own fragrance by mixing the different fragrances or follow the fantastic recipes from the recipe brochure.

Scentchips Review

I was super lucky to be sent a beautiful box of Scentchips and a ScentBurner recently to try out and review.

Scentchips Review

Scentchips Review

The wooden box is just stunningly beautiful, it is something you would proudly display and I love the individual compartments for the different scents, I’m so crazy organised and OCD so it was like they just designed with with me in mind. 😛

The scents included…

Magnolia – Magnolia is a popular tree flower that fills the air with a pungent, classic floral bouquet. The luxurious scent is strong, and can propel itself throughout an entire room with ease.
This scent reminded me of a clean cotton type aroma, it’s sort of powdery too. I think if you like your clean cotton or baby powder scents then you would love this one.

Mango-Papaya – A tropical duo of mango and papaya is combined for a vacation-like atmosphere at home or on a midsummer getaway. The fruity scent is riddled throughout each fragrance, giving off a playful perfume you’ll love to use.
I really like this one, it’s a very tropical, melon type scent. I’d love to mix it with a citrus scent for a tutti-frutti type aroma.

Piña Colada – Tropical pineapple and coconut notes make this fragrance a happiness boosting therapy for a tired mind. Bring the mood of a vacation into your home for a retreat from the ordinary.
This is super sweet almost candy like scent, it’d be lovely by itself if you like sweet scents but I’d say mix this one up! Mixed with any fruity or citrus scents would take it to a whole other level.

Plumeria – Floral and fruit notes intertwine to make a gorgeous rendition of a classic fragrance. Full of a meadow flower scent, this aroma is captivated beautifully for a comforting fragrance that makes your senses sing.
This one is a bit too floral for me and I can’t really pick up the fruit notes on a cold smell, but I think it would be nice to have melting in a guest bathroom.

Ocean – Fill the air with the freshness of a sea breeze. Tones of kelp, marine salt, and cool waters are soothing and rejuvenating for the feel of a spa over looking the ocean in your own home.
I think this scent is more of a masculine aroma than a spa one. It reminds me of a man’s body spray or cologne. I’m not complaining though, it’s probably what Channing Tatum smells like.  😉

Eucalyptus – This fragrance creates a sensory elixir with its mixture of fire and ice as the scent transforms from cool and minty to warm and spicy. Keep this in a warmer throughout the day and night when you’re feeling down and out and in need of a reviving pick me up.
Oh wowza! This scent would certainly help clear your head, it’s such a tingly, zingy aroma and so true-to-life!

Gardenia – Uplifting gardenia calms stress with its delicate, flowery fragrance. Floral and satisfying, a bouquet of these feminine flowers is great for those who require a boost in mood.
I’ve had a gardenia candle before, it was a gift, but I truly hated it, but I find this particular gardenia scent to have more greenery notes as opposed to floral ones and I quite like it; a lovely earthy scent for summer.

Sweet Pea – A delicately clean scented sweet pea fragrance is a wonderful escape from the norm. A meadow inspired fragrance with floral and fruity tones keeps this concoction feminine for a home that provides its inhabitants with a comforting place to rest and relax.
Myself and Sarah both love Garden Sweet Pea by Yankee Candle and Sarah has been on this never ending journey to find either the next best sweet pea scent or one that’s even better; well I think this one might be a top contender. I love the pink colour and the fruity elements to it, I can smell peach notes and some apple, I think, too.

Lilac – Intense floral notes are sealed within this feminine fragrance – lose yourself amongst loose petals sailing on a cool Spring breeze.
I love the purple colour but again this one is a bit too floral for me, it reminds of a super strong perfume and I don’t really like it, having said that, if you’re into your floral scents than this one definitely packs a punch.

Sandalwood – The sensual aroma of sandalwood is akin to cocoa and vanilla spice. A beautiful enhancement for your home, its luscious scent is full of passion, exciting the senses and helping to settle the mind and body.
I have a feeling this scent may kick off a sandalwood addiction phase. I love the creamy elements to it and it’s warm and spicy, a very comforting aroma.

Vanilla – Sweet vanilla calms and soothes frayed nerves. It is easy to settle down after a hard day in it’s dreamy atmosphere with a book or a bath.
This smells exactly like vanilla ice-cream, I plan on mixing it with cinnamon and perhaps raspberry.

Rose – A quiet and romantic aroma give rose fragrance s a beautiful smell. These pleasant little petals are a garden-like treat for a home in need of a feminine touch or new floral energy and replenishment.
I really don’t like rose at all, I smelled this and started sneezing like crazy. I wish I could describe it to you personally but I physically can’t, I’m sorry. 😥

Driftwood – This organic smelling fragrance is a sensuous retreat for relaxing the mind and body. This rich concoction of earthy undertones creates a masculine mood you’ll find intoxicating.
Ooooh a very strong masculine scent, it’s very nice, almost sort of comforting. I would say if you’re gonna mix this with anything it should be something subtle like vanilla.

Blossom – With a delicate floral fragrance, these delightful fragrances embody the essence of blossoms bursting open for the first time for a feminine atmosphere and soft and cheery scent.
Surprisingly, I think this may be my favourite scent in the box. Yes it is floral but it’s light and has lots of fruity notes in it. It’s very girly and I just adore the pinky-peach colour too.

Cinnamon – The racy and passionate scent of cinnamon will permeate your largest rooms with it’s awakening aroma. This fragrance brings to mind fond memories of a batch of freshly baked cinnamon buns.
I adore cinnamon but I often find that when something says cinnamon on the box, it’s mixed with other scents and that totally ruins it for me. I think this may be the first proper true-to-life and pure cinnamon fragrance I’ve ever smelled, I’m so in love with it!

Pear – Juicy and fruity scented pear fragrance is a refreshing home accent. They freshen air with a warm and honey-like scent within minutes, and their saucy smelling essence is a bright addition to your home environment.
I’ve been wanting something pear scented for a while now, but I don’t think this was what I was expecting, but having said that I really like it, it’s tart and fresh as opposed to the sweet scent I was expecting.

Cucumber – A cool fragrance with the watery essences of cucumbers soothes and rejuvenates a tired mood. This green scent is loaded with watery crispness and calming refreshment. The perfect end to a hard day.
I’ve mentioned before how much I hate cucumber the food and the smell of it, but actually I really like cucumber scented candles and wax products, I think they’re very zen and spa like.

Raspberry – The scent of ripe raspberries is abundant in this fragrance. The tart aroma is excellent for giving off a pop of bold sweetness that makes your home a welcoming place for guests and family to meet up.
I love all things raspberry and really like this scent, I think it’s quite tart but has some greenery notes to it as well. It’s delicious and fresh.

I was trying so hard to figure out which scent(s) to melt first, I wanted to try a mix at first but a lot of the recipes in the book included scents that I didn’t have. Scentchips recommend melting up to three melts at a time, I opted for two and randomly (eeny-meeny-miney-mo) chose Magnolia and Lilac.

Scentchips Review

I used the ScentBurner in our main bathroom just in case the floral scents were a little too much for me. Within minutes of the wax melting the whole scent filled out large bathroom. The scent combination reminded me of fabric softener, it was nice and comforting.

The scent throw from the melts is wicked powerful and although Scentchips recommend using up to three, I would say that one would be plenty especially in smaller spaces. Even hours after the tealight  in my ScentBurner had burned out, you could still smell the fresh, floral fragrance.

I’m quite impressed with Scentchips and would love to try more scents like Blood Orange, Pie Crust, Cider, Peach and many many more. I will keep you all updated as I mix and melt more fragrances.

Stay tuned for more product features and reviews from Scentchips but until then be sure to check them out on Facebook and on Twitter.

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