Brownie Delight Village Candle Review from Love Aroma

Our fabulous friends at Love Aroma sent both myself and Sarah a Village Candle each to review, I hadn’t tried or heard very much about Village Candle but I’m always up for trying new candles and new brands.

Village Candles are handcrafted under strict quality control using only the most refined wax,
the richest colours and the finest fragrance oils.

I LOVE chocolate, I mean who doesn’t?! But, I’ve always had not so great experiences with chocolate scented products, I always find that they smell too artificial and just not as yummy as I’d expect  them to be. As much as I love food scented candles, I usually avoid chocolate scented ones. When I saw that Love Aroma had sent me a Brownie Delight candle, my first reaction was “eek!” but as soon as I opened the jar, I was in chocolate heaven.

This candle smells exactly like fresh baked brownies straight out of the oven; you can smell the rich cocoa, the creamy butter, the caramelized sugar and subtle hints of vanilla. Those scents just get even stronger and more delicious when the candle is burning.

The throw off this candle was amazing, within minutes of having it lit we could smell it everywhere. We woke up one morning after having it burning for most of the evening before and himself commented that you could still smell it. It only made me want to make and eat brownies all day, but I resisted. 😉

We show you pictures with all our reviews of candles burning to show you how well they’ve burned or are burning, this is because a true candle fanatic knows that it’s more than just about the scent; I waited until my Village Candle burned out to write this review so that I could take another picture to show you how amazingly well it burned.

Check it out…

Brownie Deight Village Candle

These Village Candles have two wicks (multiple wicks means fragrance even faster!) and I made sure to keep them trimmed throughout the whole candle burning process and would you look at how clean and smoke free my jar is?! There is nothing worse than a pretty candle covered in icky black, toxic smoke. Plus look at how little wax there is leftover! I’m just so beyond impressed with Village Candle.

These large candles retail for £15.99 on Love Aroma and compared to other brands and candles of the same size and style, that is a complete bargain!
I know I got close to 200 hours burn time out of mine, if not more, it felt like a never ending candle; keeping your wicks trimmed can help you get the most out of your candles.

Myself and Sarah are so in love with this brand and have been nosing at all the various scents Village Candle have and basically WE WANT THEM ALL! Lemon Pound Cake, Maple Butter and  Blueberry Muffin, don’t they all just look and sound so delicious.

Have you tried Village Candles before? Any thoughts or recommendations? Let us know in a comment below.

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