Swan Creek Ginger Nectarine Candle Review from Old Stable Store

So I’ve had a few Swan Creek Candles sent to me from our buddies at the Old Stable Store; Spiced Orange & Cinnamon, Gingerbread and Mulberry & Mandarin, I would rate all of them quite highly and have become a huge fan of Swan Creek products since trying them. I would’ve thought that Gingerbread was my favourite out of all of them and that it would be very hard to top that scent, but then Ben sent me Ginger Nectarine!

As soon as I opened the jar I thought the sweet aroma with a hint of spice was positively heavenly. Ben and the Old Stable Store really knocked it out of the park with this choice for me.

Swan Creek Ginger Nectarine Candle

Ok seriously, we all know that a nectarine is just a shaved peach yeah? I’ve always loved the smell and taste of peaches and nectarines and I’m obsessed with all things ginger scented, but I never would have thought to put them together, but WOW it’s such a delicious and unique combination.
Like all Swan Creek products, this candle was just jammers with fragrance, even when my candle wasn’t burning you could smell it’s delicious scent,

I’ve never had a single issue with Swan Creek candles before, they burn so flawlessly and cleanly which you can see from my pictures.

Swan Creek Ginger Nectarine Candle Review

As the wax is natural, super soft and creamy and melts quite quickly, I would recommend keeping an eye on your wick and keeping it trimmed, you’ll get so much longer out of your candle and it’ll keep icky black bits out of the wax as well.

Have you tried Swan Creek Candles before? What are your thoughts? Recommendations? Let us know in a comment below.

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