Red Velvet Wax Melts from Butterfly Scents Review

Another of my fabulous wax treats from May’s Waxbox. This was possibly the most intriguing for me as I absolutely LOVE cake. Now I know everyone says that but for those that know me will know just how giddy I get about cake! So cake and wax… I’m there!

Red Velvet Wax Melts from Butterfly Scents Review
Gorgeous wax melt and the business card too – with a discount code on the back!

So you can see how small it is in my hands! Side note – my hands look awful… I’m sure all those lines mean I’m a 107!

Red Velvet from Butterfly Scents is as near to red velvet cake that you can get. You can smell the sponge, the frosting and you will feel hungry as soon as you smell it on a cold sniff. So a little warning… when it is actually burning, you’re going to need a truckload of cake!

I also loved the little flecks of glitter for the extra touch of fun. They look fun before and during burning.  For extra fun they had also added a discount for future purchases which I’m going to be using. Really loved that and I’ve noticed a lot of others mentioned it as being a notable token in their reviews.

When I looked this wax melt up on their site I realised that this was a wax melt favour which I absolutely LOVE! Plus red velvet is perfect as a wedding favour or a little gift in a party bag. Just love this little idea.

I was super impressed by Butterfly Scents. I love the favours and the way they add glitter or other toppers to their products. I love the ideas of the wax pies too and I am intrigued by their own monthly box too, called Wax Club.  I noticed that they include a few extra goodies too like chocolate!

Check out Butterfly Scents on their websiteFacebook, Instagram and on Twitter.

Another great product and brand find from Waxbox, have you subscribed yet?

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