Cali’s Handmade Candle Co. Baby Powder Wax Melts Review

This was another of my Waxbox goodies from May – Baby Powder from Cali’s Handmade Candle Co and you have all probably had a candle like this before. The familiar scent makes you feel calm and peaceful… or is that just me?

Cali’s Handmade Candle Co. Baby Powder Wax Melts Review

I loved reading about the story of how Cali’s Handmade Candle Co came about.  It was interesting to see that they only use wax made from soya bean oil and you can also read all about that here too.

The throw from this wax tart is really good so I’d advise burning this in a big room as in a small room it might get a bit heady. I ended up breaking up the tart a bit so I could make this one last longer too. It’s definitely the strongest authentic baby powder scent that I’ve ever had and you’ll start to realise how synthetic the other ones are after smelling this one.  Overall I was really impressed by the quality of the wax tart and the throw really was powerful, looking forward to placing an order soon.

As I’ve said before I love the idea of Waxbox for introducing us to new brands. So naturally I’ve had a look through the rest of Cali’s scents and I’ve found lots more that I want to try! There’s a whole range of products from candles to reed diffusers. Something that really caught my eye was this wax melt jar – what a great gift!

They have a great range of scents too;  Crackling FirewoodGingerbread HouseLemongrass KiwiVineyard Harvest and so many more that I want. Another wishlist has been started. 😉

Check them out at their website, they are also on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

More reviews to come real soon!

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