I must be the only girl on the planet who has never had or subscribed to a monthly box of any kind, I guess I’ve never found one that I really wanted.
Enter Vellabox!

Vellabox is a monthly subscription box that delivers a monthly surprise of fabulous 100% SOY artisan candles curated by Vellabox right to your door—starting at just $10/month.

Their aim is to bring new energy & excitement to the hand-pouring artisans of the candle industry. It’s their belief that in comparison to the “corporate” candle market, these artisans offer a superior product at a better value and their candles are made with greater passion. Vellabox plan on providing an outlet for the most incredible candles in all the land, showcasing brands that are truly unique.

Vellabox have just recently launched their website and contacted me asking me if I would like to do a review of the May Vellabox… ok seriously, don’t they realise that they’ll never get rid of me now?! As if I was gonna say no, mail and candles are two of the greatest things in the world.

I was having quite a few manic busy days in work so when I came home to a pretty box, bright yellow like the sun, with “LIVE – LIGHT – LOVE” on the side, it just made me so happy.


I just adored the packaging and how everything was wrapped up so pretty and my second favourite thing about Vellabox, after the candles of course, was the “you light up my life” card that you pass on to someone, I passed mine on to my other half, we’re very soppy like that. 😛

So on to the candles. I was over the moon to receive two candles from brands I’d never tried before but had only heard positive things about.

Vellabox Candles

P.F. Candle Co. No. 11 Amber & Moss Soy 7 oz Candle – I’ve always had a love for masculine scented candles and this has the ultimate manly fragrance; it’s earthy, warm, musky and ever so seductive. I imagine it’s what John Stamos smells like. 😉

Paddywax Dandelion + Clover Artisan Soy Wax Candle – Very, VERY excited to finally get to try a Paddywax scented candle, I’ve had my eye on them for a while. Having said that, if I was to choose a Paddywax candle for myself I would never have thought to try or even smell a Dandelion and Clover scented candle, but recently I’m finding that I’m not as anti-floral scents as I used to be. I think that maybe my sense of smell is maturing, or perhaps that when it comes to superior candles made with the best ingredients and fragrances, that perhaps floral scents are actually pretty nice. This is a very true to life floral scent, quite clean and fresh. It reminds me of playing in the grass as child and making daisy chains.

I’ll be doing full individual reviews on both these candles, so stay tuned for those.

I’m so impressed with Vellabox and will most definitely be signing up for a monthly subscription. If you like candles and subscription boxes than I most definitely recommend Vellabox, it’s like a box of happiness, especially if you’re a candle addict like  me.

Be sure to check out Vellabox on Instagram, Facebook and on Twitter @Vellabox

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