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Today we’re joined by our friends from Old Stable for a guest blog.
They’re here to tell us all about a fabulous brand that we have yet to try but now really, really want to.  – Sam

There’s scented candles, and then there’s scented candles. Rosy Rings candles are definitely the latter – an American brand started in a Colorado basement, this company is all about quality first. Their candles are still handmade as they were originally, rather than machine-poured as many these days are and have a strong focus on the use of natural ingredients – many of the products contain fragments of shell, cones or flower that add to the presentation as well as the fragrance.

Scents from Rosy Rings as such are based on natural ingredients. There’s nothing artificial sounding here – it’s all the sort of stuff that you can pick and smell on a walk around the countryside (or beach, in the Beach Candles case!): Wild Honeysuckle, Moss & Mint, Blackberry Fig, Petal & Vine and so on.

Unlike a lot of modern candles, these scents aren’t going to overpower you with sweetness. Whilst there is certainly a place for a strong bakery smell in every home, there are also spaces where you prefer a delicate, classy quality to the air. The ‘Black Vetiver & Oak’ Botanical Glass Jar is a prime example of how this works – put this candle on in a seating area, and the vibe instantly changes into that of a classy jazz lounge. Put a ‘Driftwood’ Beach Tin on in your conservatory, however, and you’d be excused for thinking the sandy beaches of Martha’s Vineyard are just out the door!

Rosy Rings Candles & Wax Sachets

Rosy Rings provide a great variety of fragrance solutions for all occasions. From the tiny Cottage Jars and small Apothecary Jars (which include an Earl Grey scent!), through the above Botanical Glass jars and the double-wicked, ocean-themed Beach Candles, right to the alternative home fragrance ‘Wax Sachets’ – solid scented wax blocks which are amazing for hanging in smaller spaces or to provide a subtle, maintenance-free and extremely decorative fragrance to a room.

Of course, all of this comes with a price. As a true ‘luxury’ offshoot of the home fragrance market, Rosy Rings do tend to be more expensive than other, less refined brands. However there are deals to be found. Old Stable provide excellent value – a botanical glass candle for example is £28, rather than the £33 RRP you’ll find on most other distributors.

Try them out today and fall in love with the luxury side of home fragrance!

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  1. Great, informative article…you had me at “wax sachet”! And from a Colorado basement, no less. I support handmade!

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