WoodWick Summer Fruits Trilogy Candle Review from Love Aroma

As you have probably heard from us already, we’re big fans of the WoodWick range and I’m absolutely in love with these trilogy candles. Sam reviewed the Wild Berry Smoothie one HERE.

WoodWick Summer Fruits Trilogy Candle.
They are a great way to try out three scents all in one go but also it’s great to smell the scents as they mix together too. WoodWick also do wax tarts so the mixologists out there will have so much fun with their range of scents. I was sent by Love Aroma to review the Summer Fruits candle, the scents are; Sun-Ripened Apple, Currant and Black Cherry. I’ll admit that I couldn’t wait to get down to the Black Cherry layer, yum!

Sun-ripened Apple is a fresh apple scent, almost too tangy to imagine that you wouldn’t find it a little too sour to taste. Sort of like an apple sour taste, full of flavour. Currant is hard to describe, it’s darker than the apple scent obviously but smelled more like baking mince pies at Christmas time, there is a tangerine tone to it too which is well placed. Black Cherry was everything and more than I expected, full of cherry goodness. Nothing sour here but full cherry loveliness mixed with vanilla tones that kept it from being too pungent.

I love the way the scents have time to burn on their own and also to mix between the other scents too. I’m such a big fan – can you tell? I bought some of the wax melts in different scents that I haven’t tried of theirs yet and I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting them in the jars too. Possibly the Trilogy ones. 🙂

Again the candle burnt down well and the wood wick is such a calming noise. I actually miss the sound when I’m burning other candles now. How sad is that?!

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