Petunia’s Corner Peppered Poppies Candle Review

To say I adored this candle would be an understatement. The scent brought me so Petunia's Corner Peppered Poppies Candle 1much joy.
I have this weird fascination with Poppies; throughout my life I’ve lived in a lot of places and in the places I’ve loved the most and have been the happiest, I would always see Poppies just growing randomly in fields or even in quite obscure places. Maybe I only noticed them cause I was/am happy but now whenever I see them I smile. They’re just lovely flowers.

My other half points them out to me now, we’ve often seen one or two just growing at the side of a road in our town.  It was on one such occasion that I pointed out that I didn’t know what Poppies actually smelled like and I wonder if I could find a really nice Poppy scented candle somewhere.
A few days after those thoughts on Poppies a lovely package arrived at our home from Petunia’s Corner (see previous reviews HERE and HERE) and one candle in it was called Peppered Poppies. I will admit that I was nervous about smelling it and burning it, because I’d never smelled anything Poppy scented before and also because me and floral scents do just not mix well together. But seriously Dina from Petunia’s Corner has got her unique blend of scents, in all her candles, mastered!
Peppered Poppies is described as a  fruity floral scent with a sharp peppery undertone, I most definitely got the peppery undertone but I also found it to be quite creamy and smooth almost as if it had a hint of vanilla or even something like buttercream in it. You can get a floral kick out of it, but from this candle I’m gonna assume that Poppies smell sweet and not headachey like a lot of floral scents.

Petunia's Corner Peppered Poppies Candle 2I definitely saved the best for last with my candles from Petunia’s Corner, this was a really warm, comforting and happy scent, even himself commented on the scent and you know that when a man notices one candle out of the millions that you’ve burned that it  must be good! Am I right?!

Have you tried candles from Petunia’s Corner yet? Dina has a great variety of scents in some amazing combinations and the candles are all made with 100% natural soy wax and are hand poured into reusable mason jars. Only Eco friendly, lead-free cotton wicks and high quality, phthalate free fragrance oils are used in all the candles and no dyes or chemicals are added.

Head on over to Petunia’s Corner to find lots of candles and also some fabulous upcycled home décor, lighting and accessories.

Be sure to follow Dina on Instagram HERE and you can follow us as well HERE.

Stay tuned for more reviews.

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