The super lovely and ever so sweet Lyn from My Dearly Loved, who we recently interviewed HERE, sent some candles from her Candles With Character line for us to review.

Candles With Character is a line of candles (and wax melts!) inspired by Disney characters and stories. Each soy wax candle is hand poured into a lidded tin and crafted with quality products.

I was absolutely jonesin for some coffee scented candles and wax products so I was over the moon when I saw that Lyn had sent “Sleepy a coffee scented candle.

Coffee Scented CandleWake up, Sleepy…it’s off to work you go!
The scent of fresh, ground coffee with a splash of vanilla.

I’ve had coffee scented products before but most have been mixed with other scents like chocolate or hazelnut or toned down with a creamy scent and although the description says this has a splash of vanilla I found it to be the most true to life coffee scent I’ve ever had. You know when you’re brewing a fresh pot of coffee and the rich and robust aroma fills your home? Well this is that scent but in candle form.

I was really impressed with everything about this candle. The throw was something fierce, one little candle filled our apartment with it’s uplifting scent. The wax was so soft and creamy and the candle burned amazingly well, I’d never seen such a clean candle tin before when it had finished burning.

Not only is Lyn so nice, but man the lady is TALENTED! So impressed with my first Candles With Character candle and I look forward to trying and reviewing more.

Be sure to check out My Dearly Loved on Etsy for lots of fabulous Disney inspired goodies. You can also find Lyn on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter @MyDearlyLoved

Stay tuned for my product features and reviews from us.

5 thoughts on “CANDLES WITH CHARACTER “Sleepy” Candle Review

  1. Couldn’t agree more with every observation. I am completely and utterly OBSESSED with this candle. I have to say, I love every Dearly Loved product I’ve ever gotten my hands on, but this is a personal favorite!

    1. The throw was unreal! I can’t wait to try more products and I’ve asked my better half for some more Dearly Loved wax melts and candles for my birthday so I can more of the fabulous scents. Have you tried Beast yet?! 😀

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