Twig+Dot Carousel Candle Review

Sam has already reviewed her Twig+Dot candle here. We have both been incredibly impressed by them and we are both planning future purchases.

First of all, because I’m a stationery geek I loved the letterhead paper that came with the candle. It is the little things. Apparently. The glass is weighty, you know that you’re holding it alright. I liked that, it felt more special and luxurious to me.

I was sent Carousel to review…

“Marshmallow, Vanilla & Cream.
A delightful concoction as sweet as a day spent at the fair. Fluffy marshmallow, smooth vanilla and rich cream combine to make this luscious fragrance. Sweet & Playful.
Perfect for vanilla lovers.”

One big inhale of this candle once the lid was off and I wanted to eat it all. A real sweet vanilla smell mixed with something that smelt more like candy. I wanted it! Once lit, the scent was a lot softer which surprised me at first but it would have been way too sickly over time had it smelled like that first inhale. Instead the sweet vanilla scent wafted around the home, enticing me into a sense of relaxation and chill out time.

The candle burned down well, the wick does need trimming after each use but I’d rather do that than have any bits fall in the wax. I’ve still got a little way to go before it’s finished but I’m thinking about keeping the glass jar for… something. No idea yet, will keep you updated.

I was thoroughly impressed by Carousel and I’m looking forward to seeing what their other scents are like. I am particularly intrigued to try Cinder+Smoke,  Clean Slate and by their Seasonal Scents Club too. I love it when websites give loyalty bonuses.

Thanks to Twig+Dot for letting us try these.

Check out Twig+Dot on Facebook HERE and follow them on Twitter @twig_dot. Stay tuned for more reviews from us here at Vanilla & Lime.

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