Striped Candles, Home Décor & Accessories

I am obsessed with stripes, like crazy obsessed with them.

I love every kind of stripe there is; vertical, horizontal, diagonal, chevron, skinny stripes and big fat ones and stripes in every colour.

In regards to home decor some might say that stripes are so totally last year, but I say they’re wrong and long live the stripe! They’ll change to fit trends and will be around forever.

Here are some of our favourite striped candles, home décor and accessories.

StripesFrom Left-Right:

VÅRGYLLEN Cushion & EIVOR Throw both from IKEA
Argento SC Stripe Picture Frame from Nordstrom
Stripe Pillar Candle from Better Furniture
Ana Candles Carousel Pillar Guava Pale Pink Candle from Five Stripes
Cotton Rug from H&M
“Start Something New” & “Be Dazzling” Scented Candles from Kate Spade
Fairmount Park Dot/ Stripe Salt & Pepper Set also from Kate Spade
Stripe Lanterns both from NEXT

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