Woodwick Dreamsicle Daydream Candle Review from Love Aroma

I have been wanting to try a Woodwick brand candle for the longest time, Sarah had reviewed one on here quite a long time ago and only had good things to say about it.

Love Aroma have a huge selection of Woodwick candles to choose from and if you Woodwick Dreamsicle Daydreamasked me to choose just one scent I would have picked Dreamsicle Daydream, so I was very happy when Love Aroma sent me one to review, it was a very nice surprise.

Silky orange cream sorbet & rich vanilla will have you dreaming of cool treats of summers gone by.

The first thing that I loved about this candle is that it smells exactly like what the scent description says. If you’re someone who buys candles and home fragrance products online, like myself, then you’ll know why this is a good thing. Many times I’ve bought products based on the scent descriptions alone and have been so let down, this definitely wasn’t the case with Dreamsicle Daydream, so yummy!

Woodwick candles have a new patent pending +Pluswick design, which is basically a crossed shaped wooden wick, that means faster fragrance, a better burn and a soothing crackle. I was nervous about the crackle, having heard that a lot of candles with wooden wicks can be loud and irritating, but that wasn’t the case with this candle; it was very soothing an comforting. Most would say that the crackling sound reminds them of a fireplace but it sort of reminded me of rain tapping on the window, such a blissful sound.

They suggest keeping the wick trimmed to 1/8″ but for some reason my wick didn’t need trimming this also meant no little black bits in the wax, this candle just did it’s own thing and took care of itself, hey I’m not gonna complain about that. It didn’t get smokey or anything and burned flawlessly.

Woodwick Dreamsicle Daydream Candle Review from Love Aroma
I was also amazed at the burn time on these bad boys, they say a 10oz jar, which retails on Love Aroma for about £17.99, burns for 100 hours, I know for sure I got more than that. There are some brands that you get more wax and less burning time for an even higher price so these are well worth it.  The 22oz jars range around £22.99 which is a bargain as I imagine they would just last for like ever!

Sarah was given a Woodwick candle as well to review and the two of us haven’t shut up about how much we love this brand. The throw off their candles is amazing and having the delicious smell of sweet, zesty oranges and creamy vanilla wafting through my home was just lovely.

Given the quality of the wax and how well the candles are made, the classic style of the candles, the epic long burning time, the soothing crackle, the unreal throw and the great value for money, these candles are definitely something you should try if you haven’t already.  I personally can’t wait to buy me a big ol stash of Woodwick candles, I’ve got my eye on the Apple Festival Trilogy candle; you will be mine, oh yes, you will be mine!

Have you  tried Woodwick candles before? Thoughts? Recommendations? Let us know in a comment below.

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