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Beautterra believe in aesthetic, in the wisdom of ancient naturopathy and modern science to achieve the best results from both worlds. In ancient times the candle was a symbol of a quest for knowledge and truth. Today the candle carries the same meaning, but the design has developed; we now all use them in our homes as accessories, enjoying the warming light, comforting and uplifting scents with our loved ones.

Beautterra brand products follow the natural concept of beauty from the earth. They offer a range based on natural Eco-friendly ingredients produced in the EU.

In every item they hand make they put so much thought, care and creativity in so they’ll make an excellent indulgence for yourself or someone special. I must be someone special because our lovely friends at Beautterra made all my candle dreams come true with a Michael Fassbender candle! That’s right… you heard me, a MICHAEL-FASSBENDER-CANDLE!

Beautterra Movie Moments Candle

One of my all time favourite movies (and books) is Jane Eyre and y’all know how I feel about Mr. Fassbender and candles so to get this as a gift meant so much to me. Look how pretty he it is!

The candle smelled insanely good it was a specially made combination of coffee, vanilla and lime, a combination that you probably wouldn’t consider but it worked really well, was quite uplifting.

I was so surprised to find out that Beautterra use natural rapeseed wax. I had never even heard about rapeseed wax candles so didn’t know what to expect but I was very impressed with it. The wax was just lovely, so soft and smooth.
I’ve since done some research and found out that rapeseed wax is considered the greenest wax, not only because of its natural properties but as it is made in the EU, including Ireland and the UK, meaning it has lower carbon footprint compared to Soy or Palm wax which is imported from America. Cool eh?

Beautterra have a shop full of great designs and scents, you should totally check them out, plus they have a few top secret candle making tricks that make for amazing quality and uber fabulous candles! And if you think my Jane Eyre / Michael Fassbender is super cool or have a favourite movie scene of your own the Beautterra design team are happy to discuss any ideas or designs for their products.

Here are a few of our favourite Beautterra products…

Beautterra Candles & Gifts
Chocochino Handmade Candle with Wooden Wick, 50s Retro Lifestyle Candle with Wooden Wick, Movie Moments Candle and Romantic Interlude Handmade Rattan Reed Diffuser.

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