Cherry Lips from Sugar Wicks

This was the last of the four mini candles that our buddies at Sugar Wicks sent me to review and I definitely saved the best for last.

Sugar Wicks’ mini candle jars are ideal for trying out their products and different scents. Each one is

Cherry Scented Candle

carefully crafted by hand, using a special blend of wax, dye and fragrance oil. Plus aren’t they super cute? Wouldn’t they make super cute stocking stuffers or Kris Kindle presents?

Cherry Lips are one of my favourite sweets and this candle smelled exactly like them! I liked all my other Sugar Wicks candles (Parma Violets, Rhubarb & Custard and Cola Cubes) but I think this had a slightly stronger throw, but I generally find that cherry scented products usually do and I think Sarah would agree with me on that, maybe it’s why cherry is one of our favourite scents.

Just like my other candles from Sugar Wicks, this one burned great and I was genuinely sad when it was gone, it smelled yummy. I’ll have to treat myself to some more Cherry Lips products, did you know they have a Cherry Lips Reed Diffuser…. WANT!

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