Spotlites Review

Spotlites are the niftiest candles ever from Vandko Inc. a stylish, dynamic company.

Spotlites combine the timeless sentiment of the classic candle with designs and innovations for the 21st century. Whether you are trying to create a romantic setting, celebrate a special occasion, or need a finishing touch for any room, these candles that make it truly feel brilliant. With the exclusive patents, these candles you won’t find anywhere else. 
The lovely folks at Vandko Inc. sent me some Spotlites to try out and holy moley they AMAZED me. Coolest tealights ever! Spotlites have an image or design on the top that remains visible throughout the whole candle burning time…it’s witchcraft I tells ya! 😉 
I will admit I was a bit sceptical at first but the whole time I kept checking my candle and was like “OMG the pic is still there!”
Check it out…
See, so freakin cool eh? 
Obviously leopard print is the most fabulous print ever, well that’s what I think, but there are over 88 other gorgeous designs available for Spotlites, here are a few of our faves…
Left-Right: In The Garden, Do The Polka, Damask and A Pop Of Paisley.
These would make great gifts and would perfect at parties or celebrations, I’m having a dinner party at the weekend and can’t wait to burn more and show everyone the sorcery of Spotlites! 😛

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