Love Aroma UK – A Tale of Two Diffusers

As well as my Melt Angel Candle that Love Aroma sent me they also sent me two diffuser sets and naturally with anything when you get two types of the same thing, it became a bit of a competition. In my eyes anyway…

The two diffusers:



So here we go;


Durance £13.50 for 50ml
Stoneglow £19.00 for (no idea as it doesn’t say on the bottle or the website but about 150ml I’d say.)


They are totally different scents and I was more intrigued about the Cotton Flower one as I love all the cotton type scents, however after a week I wasn’t expecting so much of the scent to be gone.  I also hadn’t really smelled it very much around the home.  Totally different is the Plum Blossom one as this just lasts and lasts.  It does say on the site that it last 2-4 months and I can really believe that. The picture below was the photo I put of them together to show Sam after the first week…


A bit of a silly thing to judge something on you might think but I am always looking for new ideas for gifts for people, especially when Christmas is coming. I would definitely be more inclined to buy the Stoneglow one because it last for ages and ages! The Durance one was quite plain next to it really which was quite disappointing.

There’s a whole load of different candles on Love Aroma from Yankee Candles to Lily Flame. There are lots to buy and with free delivery when you spend £20 it’s a winner for us 😉

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