Copenhagen Candle Company Tropical Island Review

So here’s a few things that I love when it comes to candles… Fruity or foodie scents, multiple wicks, nice packaging and fab colours; so when I saw this bright pink, tropical-fruity scented candle with three wicks in it in my local TK Maxx, I knew I HAD to have it.

Copenhagen Candle Company Tropical Island Review

I know I get easily excited about candles, but man oh man was I REALLY excited about this one, but sadly I was really REALLY let down by it too.

I lit the candle after trimming the wicks and started doing some work, within an hour the wicks were smoking like crazy, so I blew the candle out and trimmed them. This kept happening and I kept trimming the wicks, it was a ridiculously smokey candle, never had one like it before.

That wasn’t the only issue, you only had to barely look at my coffee table that candle was on and the wicks would fall down into the melted wax. We wouldn’t have even touched the candle and I’d look at it and one, sometimes two wicks would be down it the wax. It was super frustrating having to dig out wicks and relight a candle every few minutes, that’s no exaggeration.

Then I think because of all the smokiness and the wicks falling in all the time, the top of the candle changed colour to this horrible brownish colour and then my candle just looked ugly. With still about half of the wax left I was beyond done with this candle.

Copenhagen Candle Company Tropical Island ReviewThis was my first Copenhagen Candle Company candle, I loved their reed diffuser that I tried so I was completely bummed about this candle, it smelled so yummy in the shop too.

Have you tried Copenhagen Candles before? Good experience? Bad experience? Let us know in a comment below.

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