Seeds&Scents Soy Wax Melts Review

My name is Sam and I’m addicted to Ebay; I just love it, if I’m ever looking for something I usually always check there first, I’ve gotten some amazing things on there and for great prices.

A little while ago I was nosing around at candles and tarts and stumbled upon Seeds&Scents a little Ebay store that sells seeds and wax tarts. I just got so giddy at all their scent choices and wicked prices, five clam-shell shaped tarts for $2.25/€1.64, such a bargain eh? Then the shipping, this is where it’s gets even better was $2 for one item and each additional item was free! FREE! I happily bought eight sets of five different scents…

Angel Cake – A delicious combination of vanilla and coconut, I liked this one it wasn’t overly sweet.
Apple – Like fresh, tart juicy Granny Smith apples.
Juicy Sweet Cherry – Feeding my current cherry addiction. Tart, juicy, sweet, cherry goodness.
Pink Flamingo – A mix of cherry and orange, this scent smells so tropical.
Peanut Butter & Jelly – A mix of peanut butter and grape, how could I not get this scent?! Two of the greatest things in the world combined. I’m not crazy about the colour but I do love this scent.
Cherry Vanilla – This is my fave, as you can see from the pic I’ve already used most of my tarts. Creamy, rich vanilla with delicious sweet cherry…YUMMY!
Peach Colada – Pretty sure this is a mix of peach and coconut, it’s quite nice too.
Grape – I love grape, ever since I was a kid, I think my tongue was purple for most of my childhood because of grape Crush and grape Mr.Freezies, these tarts smell exactly like them.

I’ve tried most of the scents by now and they’re all well made and have a great throw. I’ve been using two shells at a time in my large warmers and have been getting about two days out of two tarts. I will admit that I’m not crazy about the shape, they remind of soaps from early 90s bathrooms (remember when everyone had peach and green bathrooms with mini flower, seahorse and shell shaped soaps still in wrappers in little baskets? No? Just me?) and the packaging isn’t the best but I mean come on, one can’t complain when they’re such a bargain!

I think I’ll stock up again when I run out, my boyfriend even commented on some of the scents and he never really notices scents that much, men are crazy like that. 😉

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