Melting Moments Double Scented Wax Welts Review

I love wax melts especially big ones so I was super happy when a long with my yummy scoopable wax, Melting Moments sent me a double scented wax melts and two mini melts to try out.

The double scented wax was unreal it was extra thick and really big, each one weighs approximately 80 grams. Melting Moments sent me a Vanilla&Lime scented melt, so cute!

I started melting it lime side down and it was such a bright, uplifting and fresh scent then when the vanilla started melting it took the scent to a whole other level; tangy citrus and sweet creamy vanilla all mixed together, it was fabulous!

Much like the scoopable wax from Melting Moments, this had a great throw and lasted about five days in my warmer. 

The double scented wax melts are great value for money and a great way to mix up scents in your warmers/burners. Ooh with Melting Moments massive list of scent choices there’s so many delicious combinations that could be made.

I was also sent two mini wax melts to try out, they were small but boy oh boy were they mighty!

Absolutely Fabulous Cake Sweet white chocolate cream with toasted coconut & vanilla. Topped with luscious mounds of rich sweet butter cream frosting.
Monkey Farts A blend of bananas, grapefruit, mango, kiwi, mixed berries and coconut. 

Absolutely Fabulous Cake was yummy, smells every bit like it’s description, really made me want cake!

I will admit when I saw “Monkey Farts” I panicked, cause more often than not something with Monkey in the name means it has bananas in it. Before I even smelled it or opened it I checked the scent list…. “Ahhhhh bananas!” But then I was like, well hang on a minute, grapefruit, I like, mango, kiwi, berries and coconut, yeah I also like them and quite a lot actually, maybe it won’t be two bad. So I took the plunge, tore open the wrapper and smelled it. Thankfully there was no Exorcism reenactment, I actually quite liked the scent. I melted it and it smelled very tropical and made me want to be on sunny island somewhere.

If you haven’t tried Melting Moments; products before, what are you waiting for, check them out on Facebook, HERE and follow on Twitter @Melting_Moments.
HIGHLY recommended wax goodies!

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