Milk&Cookie Candle Company Wax Melts Haul

If you haven’t guessed already, I’m a massive Milk&Cookie Candle Company fan, they’ve sent us products to review but I actually buy from them as well. My candle cupboard was looking a little bare so I knew I had to stock up on some tarts


Pineapple Upside Down Cake – I’m currently on a cherry/pineapple kick, and I love making Pineapple Upside Down Cake for my boyfriend so I knew I had to get this one. It super pineapple-y but has a hint of vanilla buttery cake-iness, very very yummy!

Vanilla Supreme – Like a rich real vanilla, super creamy ice-cream. I’ve been using this in the warmer in my bedroom, it’s a really comforting scent, perfect for bedtime.

Cherry Cheesecake – This scent is unreal, it’s exactly like Cherry Cheesecake and you can smell every layer of the scent; the buttery biscuit base, the tart and sweet creamy cheese filling and then the yummy cherry topping.Delicious.

Blue Hawaiian – This is my ultimate happy scent! It a mixture of Coconut, Maraschino Cherry and Pineapple, three scents that I just love all mixed together. It’s really uplifting and I highly recommend it.

Cherry Cola – See I told you I was on a cherry kick at the moment. I’d never tried this scent before but I was super intrigued by it. I was pleasantly surprised, it smells like cola gummy bottles and cherry candies. Just another scent I wanted to eat LOL.

Patchouli – I surprised Trish when I requested this scent, cause y’all know I’m not crazy
about floral scents, but I ordered a set of Patchouli melts for my Mom, cause it’s her favourite scent. She was so surprised when I sent it and said it was fabulous!

The Milk&Cookie Candle Company’s melting cubes are amazing, you only need one and the scents are so long lasting! If you haven’t tried their products, what are you waiting for?!

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