Jelly Belly Very Cherry Tealights Review

I’ve always seen Jelly Belly candles from Wax Lyrical around but have never tried them before, so I was very happy that in an attempt to feed my current cherry addiction my gorgeous boyfriend bought me some Very Cherry tealights.

We always say never underestimate a good tealight, when they’re well made they can be mighty! My favourite tealights have been those made by Witch City Wicks and The Milk&Cookie Candle Company (I’m open to trying more…) but I’m now adding Jelly Belly tealights to that list.

They’re strongly scented, have a wicked throw and I noticed that they’re slightly taller than the regular ol’ tealights I have at home (cheap plain ones from Tesco) and had a way longer burning time.

I’d definitely recommend them and since then I’ve bought a couple more Wax Lyrical candles and am about to head out so will probably pick up some Bubblegum tealights too!

Check out Wax Lyrical on Facebook, HERE and you can follow them on Twitter, @waxlyricaluk.

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