Pintail Spiced Pear Candle Review

Hasn’t it got cold in the last week or so? Brrr.

Everyone I know is having a rough time with the weather at the moment, I have friends in the US hoping the snow disappears soon and friends in the south of the UK hoping no more rain comes. So much damage 🙁

So I’ve been sorting through my candles and I have had this to review for ages (I apologise) but I was honestly so busy enjoying the candle to write about it. Well, that’s sort of true…

I lit this candle so much over the Christmas holidays as I found a lot of my Yankee Christmas collections were really overpowering and strong. I will definitely need to re-think my Yankee Christmas purchases this year, yes that cinnamon smell will hurt your brain after half an hour Sarah! (and I love cinnamon but they seemed more intense this year – just me?)

But using the Spiced Pear candle from Pintail helped to neutralise out the smell a bit as I hate wasting candles so yes even the cinnamon-hurty-my-brain-ones were used. I absolutely love this Spiced Pear scent as it is a good mix of pear and spice. As well as using it with other candles I have also used it on its own and it smells gorgeous. Hooked!

I absolutely love the tin and I love the attention to detail on the top, it’s the little things that give it the extra touch I think. I have got a little left in the tin still to go and I’m kind of wondering if I’ll be able to reuse the tin because I love it so much! Madness, right?

The candle has really burnt well and I didn’t have to trim the wick much it was what I call “a well behaved candle”. Sam reviewed another of the Pintail Candles here so they are on our favourites lists now. That list just gets longer and longer!

We were sent the candle from the Scented Candle Shop.

Quite intrigued to try some of the others like Fireside as I love the Yankee Candle version and hate that we can’t get it in the UK. Boo!

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Note: The Spiced Pear candle doesn’t seem to be on the site any more. I hope it makes a return.

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