In The Candlelight – L’Artisan Parfumeur

L’Artisan Parfumeur is one of the most unique and iconoclastic fragrance houses in the world. They work with imagination, exceptional raw materials and visionary perfumers to forge a distinctive alchemical vision, creating some of the most intriguing, singular and deeply personal scents of recent years.

Allow the L’Artisan Parfumeur to cocoon you with their collection of candles. The iconic black L’Artisan Parfumeur candle has become a must-have for every chic home and office. The power of fragrance and light awaken your senses giving you a new way to experience the talents of L’Artisan Parfumeur.

Their candles are items of beauty, crafted to the highest possible standard, to take pride of place in any room. Distinctive in their signature black packaging they are available in two sizes, small (35g) and large (175g).

Here are the fabulous scents their candles are available in…

L’Ambre –  Amber is a magical, mystical scent used in perfumery for millennia. This scented candle gives rooms an ethereal deep golden glow, instantly comforting and welcoming.

Mûre SauvageThis beautiful scented candle captures the memories of picking and eating ripe blackberries on autumnal strolls with friends and family.

Intérieur FiguierThe scent of southern France, white walls, shutters half closed against the heat. A light breeze pushes its way in, carrying with it the green woody scent of fig trees nestling against the garden walls outside.

Ile BourbonA scented candle of the Trade Winds, from the spiritual island home of the world’s finest vanilla. A sparkling and light vanilla scent, warm, sweet and exotic, filling the house with golden warmth.

Traversée Du BosphoreThis beautiful and dreamy candle captures the impressions of a languorous day trailing the streets of magical Istanbul. Contrast notes of apples, tabacco, roses and leather will envellop and warm your home and mind.

Oranger en FleursA sweet scented candle to savour in the home. Oranger en Fleurs is holidays in the sun and Mediterranean nights, the scent of sweet blossom and bitter orange hanging thick in the air. Green and fresh and just a little wild, the scent is irresistible, evoking memories of eating sweet pastries in the afternoon shade of branches laden with heady blooms.

Rose Des IndesAn aromatic bouquet of spiced peony with touches of peach and apricots and lit by the warm rounded tones of powdered rose and amber.

Tilleuls Au Vent This scented candle captures the smell of soft summer breezes rustling through linden blossom trees with the faintest hints of lemon tea as curtains billow and voices murmur in cool interiors. 

Thé et Pain d’ÉpicesTime for Tea. The scent of smoky tea, crystallized orange, spices and honey. A slice of gingerbread by a roaring fire. Cosy and warm, this is the perfect comfort candle. 

Mimosa MarinThis charming scented candle is the fragrance of coastal roads in the south of Frances lined with mimosa trees in full bloom, the sea breeze laced with delicate French Riviera floral notes. 

Trèfles à 4 FleursRelive memories of travelling through lush scenery with this scent of meadows in bloom, fresh grass and the chance perhaps of finding a lucky four leaf clover amid a sea of nodding purple flowers. 

Sous La GlycineWisteria is a classically floral scent, subtle, powdery and gently spiced. Burning this beautiful scented candle produces a gentle ripple of blooms throughout your home. 

Two of each please!

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