Lily-Flame’s Just Vanilla Candle Review

So you guys know that I adore vanilla right? So this purchase will come as no surprise Lily-Flame's Just Vanilla Candleto you at all. I bought the Just Vanilla from Lily-Flame a while back and I absolutely love it. So much so that it’s probably my favourite vanilla candle, well actually there is another but that review is to come next time

HINT 1. It’s another Lily-Flame candle… obsessed!

First of I love the packaging and the tins are quite lightweight but they feel sturdy enough (always important with fire!) and the smell is so good. It smells good whether you have lit it or not and I actually loved this in my bedroom as it filled the room with vanillery goodness that made me feel happy as soon as I woke up! Amazing!

Lily-Flame's Just Vanilla Candle 2Now I ordered these through an eBay store as I was doing a bulk buy of candle bits and spotted the same seller had Lily-Flame candles and was offering a good deal on postage. Win, win! But… my candle had this red edging on the inside of the candle, you will notice it in the picture. Yucky!

It wasn’t major but would possibly not buy from the same person again, although everything else arrived fine. I know I could have complained etc but I really couldn’t be bothered (and yes I know how silly that sounds). The stain didn’t burn or melt into the wax so it wasn’t too messy.

I absolutely love the way they present their candles in the tins and they really burn down well.

So yes this along with another Lily-Flame candle are now my favourite vanilla candles. Can you guess what the other one is?

HINT 2. It’s in the photos!

You can have a browse through the Lily-Flame range on their website HERE and you can tweet them @Lily_Flame and follow them on Facebook HERE.

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