Tesco Sugar&Spice Candle Review

You know when you’re walking past a jewelry shop or fancy shoe shop and you spot something shiny or covered in sparkles out of the corner of your eye? Well that’s what I’m like with candles (Sarah probably is too). Any kind of candles, even if they’re on the very bottom of shelf in the pharmacy part of Tesco, I’ll see them. That’s how I found two of my latest candle purchases.

Now I’m only gonna talk about one today because the other is just soooo pretty and like was made for me so I haven’t had the heart to burn it.

So my sugar and spice candle, was it amazing? Ehh, not so much.
I loved the smell at first sort of like a cinnamon and ginger vanilla cake, well I’ve never had one of those but I imagine it would smell like the candle did; but anyway it didn’t give much of a scent when it was burning so I was disappointed.

Whatever wax they used it wasn’t great and the candle burnt funny, I had to do some “fixing” and eventually I just left the wick long for a higher heat to melt the wax properly which meant that it did get a bit smokey.

I can’t remember exactly how much I paid for it but it I think it was at least €5 if not more; and honestly not worth it.

Like I said I bought two and I have highish hopes for the other one I got, I think as it’s a stronger scent it might be better, well I hope it is.

Cute packaging though eh?

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