Reviewed: Wilko Berry Scented Candle

“Good old Wilkinson’s I thought when looking at reviewing candles on the high street. This was about £2 so a good price and I absolutely love purple and the berry scent smelled liked berry so… winning, right?

Only the outside of the candle is purple, the inside is white which surprised me a bit but did make a beautiful pattern inside that I forgot to take a picture of (I bought another scent to be reviewed so will take a pic of the beauty then). The candle burnt beautifully for the first couple of hours and the berry scent wasn’t too powerful.

Then it got bad.

Well no not bad but the candle soon would burn for about 20 minutes and then there would be a huge flame. I kept trimming the wick and repeating the process. I persevered which I know many wouldn’t have done. It was annoying to have to “tend” to the candle and when the candle was going down I could see the wick was moving from the centre and to the side.

After much perseverance I found out why.

The wick was coming in from the side and not the bottom (the black is the lit end and the white where it’s coming from). The candle was great for the first couple of hours but after that, nope! You can also tell how terribly it burnt due to the excess wax up the sides of the jar I used 🙁

I have another scent from Wilko’s which I will be reviewing and I’ll be intrigued to see if this is a rare issue or if this is the way they do their candles.

A real shame as I absolutely loved the colour.

Has anyone else tried one of their candles?

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