Coco_Boho Baileys & White Chocolate Candle Review

Baileys & White Chocolate?
Forgive me whilst I just dive in. What do you mean it’s not edible. Oh booo! 😉


I was sent a lovely box of goodies from coco-boho and you’ll see with the rest of my reviews how much I’m now obsessed with them. This one for obvious reasons was the one that caught my eye and indeed nose first. I wanted to eat it.

I didn’t. It was a struggle.

The wax melted well and the wick was straight, some time candles will burn on one side due to a wobbly wick (my technical term). This didn’t happen and it smelt like heaven, edible heaven. The smell didn’t linger too much after I had blown it out, this isn’t so much of an issue for me.

I loved this candle and I’m now wondering why I’ve never had a Baileys & White Chocolate cocktail, I’m definitely missing out. We all are!

Take a look through their fragrance list, bound to be something to catch your eye and nose 😉

Further reviews to come soon from my other coco_boho goodies.

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