The Melt Pool Peppermint with Lavender & Rosemary Candle Review

It is so exciting when we are asked to review candles here at V&L towers. Most of the time we have no idea what we will be getting, we will have stalked the website loads before anyway but it’s like Christmas when something comes in the post to review.

I was exactly the same with my parcel from The Melt Pool. I have never had or smelt a mint candle before. NEVER. As soon as I took the lid off, my nose was full of peppermint and a strong sniff could probably kill a cold (more on that later).


I was sent the Peppermint with Lavender and Rosemary Travel Tin from The Melt Pool. The tin is sturdy with a clear see-through lid and ideal packaging for travelling. Also if you are a bit clumsy with other glass candle holders then these would be perfect for you (I have broken a gorgeous glass candle holder before and almost cried…)

The Melt Pool say in their about us page:

“Our scented candles are handmade with soya wax, the purest essential oils and lots of love – we don’t add any additives, artificial fragrances, dyes or other nasties. We make a full range of luxury candles from small votives to large container candles that will fragrance even the largest of rooms. From clear glass votive containers, to travel tins and beautifully coloured glass jars, there is something to suit every taste and budget. Several of our candles are packaged in beautiful boxes and make the perfect gift for someone or the ideal candles just for you.”

Now I was a little apprehensive about a peppermint scented candle. I shouldn’t have been. As I lit the candle I was also trying to soothe my 14 month old who had the worst stuffy nose in the history of stuffy noses (us parents exaggerate everything) and also she’s teething. There were tears, mostly mine I should add and covering the entire floor with toys might help. About 20 minutes in I could really smell the candle now and it would seem so could my daughter, it might not help teething but the scent had really started to clear her nose. Once lit the strong peppermint smell is soothed by the lavender and rosemary perfectly and I felt quite healthy in the time it was lit.

And yes I realise how stupid that sounds.

I’ve lit it several times since and each time it has cleared my head, I do get the occasional sinus headache and sometimes a migraine so I have found this to be really useful. I also lit it when I had a bath so that the steam and mint scent could clear any colds.


I have definitely been surprised by this candle and not just for the obvious health benefits I have witnessed. It’s really good at clearing food smells and any odours around the home too. It has been moved from lounge to bathroom to kitchen in the last few days.

It has a really clean smell and I’ll definitely have to get more.

Check out their online shop for more scents and I’m definitely a new fan!

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