Auld Alliance Candle by Rosslyn Candle Company Review

I was sent The Auld Alliance Travel Tin from the Rosslyn Candle Company to review.

“Rosslyn Candle Company produces natural soy wax candles, lovingly handmade close to Rosslyn Chapel (made famous by the book and film The Da Vinci Code), near Edinburgh.”

As the description says on their website about this fragrance:

The-Auld-Alliance“In recognition of many centuries of friendship between Scotland and France, this scent is a blend of relaxing lavender, uplifting geranium and a hint of Scottish heather”

Sam and I have been chatting loads recently about all the fabulous candle companies that are out there that even we have missed before starting this blog. I also love all the travel tin ideas that are popping up everywhere and this little tin would be perfect to take with you on holidays or to move around your home.

The candle itself was a blend of the lavender, geranium and heather. The smells are not overpowering and it had a subtle fragrance that would suit those who are not after the overpowering fragrances of other brands/companies.


I really love the way the Rosslyn Candle Company are trying something a bit different with their scents and also by their one off antique pieces.

There are more scents on the way according to Laura, who sent me the candle and a lovely little note accompanying my parcel. Definitely another candle company to keep an eye on.

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